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Water Softeners Best Salt-free waters softeners and frequently termed as a water conditioner, have grown to be the go to product for eradicating hard water. Men and women are now discovering that salt-free water softeners are really easy to take care of, are less costly and tend to be far more efficient than your typical salt systems. In addition to being easier to maintain and priced much less, a salt-free water softener is additionally far more beneficial to our environment in comparison with it’s rival salt water softeners best.

Not to point out that several cities and even some states do not permit salt water softeners and it’s also outlawed to own one. What use to be the go to solution for hard water, has become against the law and is currently being substituted with it’s sister, the salt free water softener. The ion make up is changed by the salt-free technology, which then makes the calcium and magnesium to lose it’s ability to form scale. So basically, when people say that salt-free water softeners don’t remove the hard water, technically they are correct. So, when you hear all the cons against salt free softeners not removing the hard water, they are basically right. However, the hard water loses its ability to scale and is washed down the drain.

Designed specifically for removing the ability to scale, that is exactly what salt free water softeners do. Haters of no salt water softener systems use this argument but let’s remember that we don’t care about removing the hard water, just removing the hard water’s ability Water Softeners Best to attach, which no salt water softeners, or saltless water softeners in fact do. I am not here to sell you anything. Just would like to share my experience and the trial and error experiences with you. It can be very confusing for us all trying to find a system that works. I will hope you take my advice and make a choice based on your findings. Keep reading and find out which systems made the cut, as we will review the top 3 salt free softeners on the market today. The 3 water softeners best systems we will go over are the EvoClear, Nuvoh2O and Nelsen.

Salt Free Systems - The Top 3 Brands On The Market Today 

Nuvo - Nuvo is new on the market and very popular for one or two reasons. Although there systems seem to work and they have some customer reviews, they really don’t have much research about their products. After really digging deep into the Nuvo reviews, I found that these systems do not last. After finding out that they get their products from China and that their warranties don’t last longer than 3 years, this all seemed to make sense to me. if you are looking for a very very short term solution, than you should definitely go with Nuvo. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and going with this system is just a bad choice.

Don’t worry about the price because cheap things don’t last. We recommend going with another system unless you can only afford the $59.00 a month. We know the system might work somewhat, but why waste money on something that just kinda works when you can have the whole cake. Our next in line, is Nelsen Water which is easily one of the most popular salt-free water softener systems. They are popular, they do work but don’t get too excited. While their systems do work, we have dug up a lot of research on Nelsen and have found a few things which make us concerned. The first being that the cost is far more expensive than any other system on the market.

We have actually found similar systems that run at least $400 less than that of Nelsens. So in a few years, you have to basically buy a new system because Nelsen does not accept the warranty anymore. And that is not all! Get this, they offer a lifetime warranty but they don’t even offer a lifetime warranty. Take a look at the hidden fine print and you will see that basically nothing is covered by their warranty. So basically, they use the warranty as a selling point to get people to buy when in fact they won’t even live up to what they say they are going to do. To make my point even clear, if you cared about your customers you would be upfront with them from the start. Originally we first had thought they had great systems with great warranties, but after seeing fine print of their warranty we know that they don’t actually offer a full time warranty.

My Number 1 Choice

Look no further, EvoClear is here. I have been doing home water filtration for so many years now and when I finally find a product and a company that is totally honest and legit, I just want to tell the world! Not only do the warranties rock the socks off the competitors, the systems in fact work better than the rest as well. Having great products is great but having great customer support makes  Evoclear salt free even better. What I think is the most amazing thing that Evoclear brings to the table is that they will find you an installer in your area, totally for free. Finding a certified installer wasn’t something I wanted to deal with and the team at EvoClear found an installer in my area that set up my system for a super low price! They basically set up everything for me, found me an installer and I didn’t have to do anything.

Water Softeners Best

EvoClear is doing what they can to change the industry for the better. Where the other guys are looking for a quick buck off you, EvoClear is looking to satisfy and they make good money from aiming to really go above and beyond. They seem to truly care about their product and brand and proviidng a superior service to their customers. If you give EvoClear water softeners best a try, I think you will be greatly surprised. EvoClear has also given us a coupon code for all my readers. During checkout, to redeem your code, type in “EvoClear” without the quotes for a total of 5% off your entire order. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I really wish you luck with your home filtration. Please come back again soon and I would be happy if you guys and gals left a comment below.